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Mystery Diamond Painting Kit(The Only One)

Mystery Diamond Painting Kit(The Only One)

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Canvas Size
Diamond Type
  • The product is constantly updated, each picture only produces one piece, it is unique, no matter how many pieces you buy, it will not be repeated!

The size of the canvas is : 30*40cm/12*16"

The size of the picture is : 25*35cm/9.85*13.8"

What is it?

One mystery diamond painting kit!


What design of it?

Unknow until you finished it!


Are you curious about it, just have a try~


What is it?
The part where the picture normally goes is a question mark. The canvas is black & white with symbols on it. You have no idea what the pattern is until you are done. You'll get full surprise and sense of achievement when complete a piace of artwork that is beyond your imagination.

Diamond Shape: Square/Round
Diamond Material: Resin
Frame: NOT included.

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